Learn what is causing resistance or blocking movement forward!

Fill in the missing puzzle piece with intentional steps!

Experience empowered and aligned teams!

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It's challenging to get PLCs and Teams on board with so many roadblocks in the way!

But YOU KNOW that getting everyone on board with a common focus would be a game changer and would leave staff feeling inspired!  We deserve to work in a place where people are eager to do what's best for kids.

Are you wondering what's missing?  What's keeping them from getting on board?


That's why I developed the Aligned PLCs & Teams course! This course was designed to help you learn the steps to help PLCs and teams find a focus, pave a path, and make progress in the same direction, even when resistance gets in the way!

Access the Course!
Access the Course!

Aligned PLCs & Teams Course

When you join the course, you get access to:

  • Course videos about the 6 components of the Clarity Cycle with actionable next steps

  • A printable copy of the Clarity Cycle Workbook

  • Ongoing discussion with Casey via email or Marco Polo

  • Additional tools and resources included in EVERY module

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