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Want to LEVEL UP as a leader and master the craft of clarity?  Join me for an intentional and focused coaching conversation that will give you the boost you need to make an unmistakable impact on your PLCs, teams, and school!

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This is your opportunity to learn practical and real-time steps that will help you increase buy-in and get everyone on the same page!  Your PLCs & Teams deserve it!  Your Students deserve it!  YOU deserve it!

What you'll get:

  • Actionable and sustainable content that has been applied in the REAL world settings!
  • LIFETIME access to videos, planning tools, and additional external resources!
  • Access to your guide throughout the entire course so you can pose questions and think with a partner!

If you notice PLCs and Teams lacking a focus, THIS is the right course for you!  You will no longer need to wonder what to do during those PLC meetings.  Teams will finally have a targeted focus and understand how they are going to collectively move toward that focus!

What People Are Saying:

As an instructional leader, I had a million and one needs in mind for my campus, and no real direction of where to even begin. For so many reasons, after three years in this role, I found myself completely stuck. I knew I needed direction and clarity so I didn't overwhelm my staff and so that I didn't make a misstep. Casey's Clarity Cycle course was truly the answer to my prayers and it came at exactly the right time! Within the first two sessions, I already had a much better handle on where to begin and most importantly, why. It gave me the confidence to move forward--something I had been severely lacking before the course. I was able to formulate and carry out a solid, effective plan that will move my campus forward not just this school year, but for several years to come. Best of all, I now have the tools to do this big, important work on my own forever, no matter where I am, what challenges I may face, or what direction my building is ready for next. The Clarity Cycle WORKS!

Michelle Ruhe

The Clarity Cycle was so impactful on how to focus in on an area of need. Working through these steps has enabled me to really wrap my brain around a single focus area and how to get to the end result.

Teresa Burdin

I think the Clarity Cycle Mastermind is a valuable resource for instructional coaches and other leaders who work with a number of staff members. It provides a tool to help break down larger initiatives into smaller, more manageable pieces. I think this would make being involved in a clarity cycle an appealing idea for some teachers.

Julie Wagner