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Making strategic plans matter and actually reaching the goals laid out can seem daunting.

But we should be able to tackle problems without wasting a ton of time and without people pushing back so much.  We deserve to see success from our strategic plans!
While strategy is actually quite simple, bringing clarity to that plan so that it actually happens is COMPLEX!

That's why I developed the Clarity Cycle Framework and Mastermind!  I'm here to guide you to create clarity and join the 30% who get strategic plans RIGHT and get people to reach goals!

Join the Mastermind!
Join the Mastermind

Clarity Cycle Mastermind

As part of the cohort, you will receive:

  • 6 course videos about the 6 components of the Clarity Cycle Framework.

  • Live virtual sessions with Casey and the cohort members to "mastermind" around the 6 components of the Clarity Cycle.

  • A printable copy of the Clarity Cycle Workbook

  • Access to ongoing discussion with Casey and the cohort members via Marco Polo.

  • Follow up coaching calls.

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Michelle Ruhe

As an instructional leader, I had a million and one needs in mind for my campus, and no real direction of where to even begin.  For so many reasons, after three years in this role, I found myself  completely stuck.  I knew I needed direction and clarity so I didn't overwhelm my staff and so that I didn't make a misstep.  Casey's Clarity Cycle course was truly the answer to my prayers and it came at exactly the right time!  Within the first two sessions, I already had a much better handle on where to begin and most importantly, why.  It gave me the confidence to move forward--something I had been severely lacking before the course.  I was able to formulate and carry out a solid, effective plan that will move my campus forward not just this school year, but for several years to come.  Best of all, I now have the tools to do this big, important work on my own forever, no matter where I am, what challenges I may face, or what direction my building is ready for next.  The Clarity Cycle WORKS!