Meet Casey! 

Hey There, Leader!  I am Casey Watts, founder of Casey Watts, Coaching & Consulting, LLC.  I am a Team Alignment Strategist as well as a school-based Instructional Specialist in East Texas.  I received my Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Elementary Education and my Master's Degree of Education from Stephen F. Austin State University.  Over the past several years, I have focused my research and work on effective collaboration that leads to collective efficacy.  In this work, I have recognized the importance of the components that are absolutely necessary for cohesive, vision-driven teams:  identity, clarity, and collaboration skills.  In my experience, I have realized that this is possible, even when you feel overwhelmed with learning gaps, resistance, and roadblocks.

I am a visionary, conversationalist, and strategist with wonder and invention as my two working geniuses.  This helps me to ask the right questions and ponder potential possibilities. It also means that I'm able to invent and script the critical moves alongside teams that will move them along the trajectory toward shrinking learning gaps and improving teacher capacity!  

I am also a wife, mother of three, and I enjoy front porch sittin'.  My favorite pastime is visiting with friends over coffee or taking on home renovation projects with my family.

Collaborations & Partnerships